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Songs for Summer

Some things come naturally: April becomes May, and Spring becomes Summer. When the seasons change, so does the music that people listen to. With dead week in full swing on the Palouse, the playlists have already began to change.

When the sun comes out, the volume goes up, and when you share your music with the world it’s important to have the best beats. The world of music is vast, and there is a song for every occasion. “I look for a summer vibe, usually I listen to a lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or whatever P!nk has released,” said senior Spanish education major Yuri T Can, “it gets you in the mood to dance, it’s up, you can’t feel sad.”

However, EDM is not the only way to get yourself into the summer mood. Freshman social studies education major Jordan T Frost said “I like Imagine Dragons because it keeps me motivated and gets me into a good mood.” This is important because without music that gets you motivated, it becomes very easy to spend the entire summer on the couch.

“I will definitely be listening to Graffiti6’s new album ‘The Bridge’ all summer’” said sophomore accounting major Reilly Berggren. It’s very relaxed but very upbeat. It’s the kind of music that you can listen to while you drive with the windows down, said Reilly.

The music you listen to has the ability to define you. It becomes so much more than the background or the soundtrack to your life. It is a powerful force that can alter your mood and the way that you see things. While a small decision at the time, the CD you throw into the player will set the tone for your entire day.

“I like to have different music depending on what I’m doing,” said junior communication major Helen Y Capron, “When I’m outside or driving around, I usually play something really poppy and upbeat, but if I’m just relaxing, I love to listen to jazz or movie scores. They really add to the relaxation mode.”

Not everyone has a preference for genre. Some people look specifically for the mood. “I like songs that are upbeat and fit the bright, free mood of summer,” said junior public relations major Kelsie P Smith. She listed off a few songs including Classic by MKTO, Happy by Pharrell Williams and Sing by Ed Sheeran as the songs on the top of her summer playlist.



Resonate | Ellensburg Album

Resonate Church is a six year old church plant in Pullman, Wash. Resonate has four sites in the Palouse, one in downtown Pullman, downtown Moscow, on-campus at WSU, and on-campus at UI. Next fall, Resonate is sending a team of staff and students to Ellensburg and Central Washington University to plant another site. The release of the Resonate Band’s second album, the Ellensburg Album, will pay for the new plant. You can purchase and download the Ellensburg Album starting in May, 2014 from NoiseTrade.

Music: Resonate Church
Production: Tannis Bogart

Joseph // Native, Dreamer, Kin

Talented northwest natives have taken the music world by storm in recent years, from Macklemore to Allen Stone and Noah Gunderson (and we can’t forget American Idol hopeful Sanjaya Malakar). One of the newest and best kept secrets of local music that has been released among the indie music scene is Joseph, a band of three sisters from Portland, Ore.

Although the sisters are Portland bread, they have been touring across the great PNW and the west cost over the last year. One of the stops on their tour landed them in Pullman, Wash. in October. It was that night that I met these beautiful, humble and wonderful sisters and fell in love with their folk/soul sound. I joined twenty-something twenty-somethings at One World Cafe in Moscow, Id. to watch Natalie, Meegan, and Allie Closner play an unplugged show for the people of the Palouse.

Next on their list of venues to grace the angelic harmonies of Joseph with is the Fremont Abbey in Seattle, Wash. on February 14, 2014. The Sweethearts Show will be the release party for Native, Dreamer, Kin. The sisters will be accompanied by a duo form of The Local Strangers {and Benjamin Doerr of St. Paul de Vence. Join Jo on the road during the holiday weekend by joining their album release party for $8 on Valentine’s Day!

The family trio began as a solo singer/songwriter project with the eldest of the three sisters, Natalie Closner. After two nationwide house show tours, Natalie sought out the voices of her younger twin sisters, Allie and Meegan, in 2012 to complete the “genetically-perfected harmonies” as their original name Dear Born.

It was late 2013 when the sisters changed their name to Joseph and began dreaming up the life that they were born to live. And it was a success. Shows are continually being booked up and down the west coast, and almost $5,000 has been raised through KickStarter for the next Joseph album, Native, Dreamer, Kin. The album is expected to be released later this month.