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Joseph // Native, Dreamer, Kin

Talented northwest natives have taken the music world by storm in recent years, from Macklemore to Allen Stone and Noah Gunderson (and we can’t forget American Idol hopeful Sanjaya Malakar). One of the newest and best kept secrets of local music that has been released among the indie music scene is Joseph, a band of three sisters from Portland, Ore.

Although the sisters are Portland bread, they have been touring across the great PNW and the west cost over the last year. One of the stops on their tour landed them in Pullman, Wash. in October. It was that night that I met these beautiful, humble and wonderful sisters and fell in love with their folk/soul sound. I joined twenty-something twenty-somethings at One World Cafe in Moscow, Id. to watch Natalie, Meegan, and Allie Closner play an unplugged show for the people of the Palouse.

Next on their list of venues to grace the angelic harmonies of Joseph with is the Fremont Abbey in Seattle, Wash. on February 14, 2014. The Sweethearts Show will be the release party for Native, Dreamer, Kin. The sisters will be accompanied by a duo form of The Local Strangers {and Benjamin Doerr of St. Paul de Vence. Join Jo on the road during the holiday weekend by joining their album release party for $8 on Valentine’s Day!

The family trio began as a solo singer/songwriter project with the eldest of the three sisters, Natalie Closner. After two nationwide house show tours, Natalie sought out the voices of her younger twin sisters, Allie and Meegan, in 2012 to complete the “genetically-perfected harmonies” as their original name Dear Born.

It was late 2013 when the sisters changed their name to Joseph and began dreaming up the life that they were born to live. And it was a success. Shows are continually being booked up and down the west coast, and almost $5,000 has been raised through KickStarter for the next Joseph album, Native, Dreamer, Kin. The album is expected to be released later this month.


Macklemore, The Grammys, and the NFC Championships

In recent months, championships and awards have taken Seattle by storm. For the first time in history, a Seattle based artist has taken home four Grammys, only days after performing in the half time show at the NFC Championship Football Game.

Macklemore, an artist born and raised in the greater Seattle area, was nominated for seven Grammys, including song and album of the year. He took home four, sweeping the hip hop and rap categories. He also made history by marrying 33 couples during his performance.

“I think Same Love was a good song, but it’s also quite old,” junior zoology major Ashley S Dezellem said, “we’ve already seen him perform this song at award ceremonies.” While it is an important political statement, the Grammy Awards are about the year in music and honoring contributions made in the last year, not about making public statements.

Ashley continued on to say that much of the impact of the wedding ceremonies was lost, especially with Madonna performing in the middle. If he had performed the weddings the first time he had done “Same Love” at an award ceremony, the impact would have been much bigger.

However, not everyone is in agreement on this front. Senior history and political science major Ryan J Baye said “I think that the mass marriage was a very poignant effort, especially on [Macklemore’s] part to demonstrate a lot of things.” Macklemore provided a once in a lifetime experience to these couples, and by providing a public figure to represent their beliefs, he’s reducing the amount of potential backlash these people could face, said Ryan.

A member of Macklemore’s Grammy choir said that “the mass wedding was a shock at the core. None of the performers were informed in advance.” When the members of the choir were finally told, they were floored that it was going to happen, but everyone treated it like it was routine. “I definitely have a new appreciation for the LGBTQ community. I was ignorant to the prejudice they face, but it’s a huge battle.”

One thing that was agreed on was that Macklemore was absolutely the right person to perform at the NFC Championship game. Both Ashley and Ryan said that because Macklemore is from Seattle, having him perform was a way to show off some serious Seattle pride, especially because the NFC championship game broadcast nationwide.