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Music That Will Get You Amped For The Gym

By Justin Hsu

Like every year for the past who know how many years people have been setting New Year resolutions to eat better, get better grades, or to earn that raise. However, among all those resolutions there is one that stands out the most than any other, and that is to go to the gym to get fit. With summer also creeping up in a couple of months, your local gym seems more like a bunch of sweaty people at Watershed than an actual gym.

Now you could amp yourself up for that beach body by taking a huge amount of pre-workout, or you can use my method that is totally safe and will guaranteed to get you pumped. My method is music. Studies have shown that listening to quick tempo music has the same effect to the body as caffeine or in our case, pre-workout supplements.

Researchers at Pavia University in Italy found that music with a faster beat will make breathing faster and your increases heart rate. Studies also show that each type of music has a different effect on different people. One person might find this music soothing while the other may find it inspiring or even angry.

Whether you like Hip Hop or Metal, listening to music will get you amped for the challenge that is to come. There have been no studies that show which type of music is specifically better than the other for the gym because music has a different effect on each person.

“I like to listen to angry or aggressive music so I can take out my emotions on the weights and get the best lift possible,” said Washington State University student Max Magnusson.

Christian Santiago, a personal banker at Wells Fargo located in Moscow, said that he prefers Rock n Roll music when he works out, “The beat of the music is usually pretty high and gets my blood going, but my all time favorite work out music would have to be Remember the Name by Fort Minor.”

I also interviewed many more people and they all came out with the same answer that they prefer rock or metal over other genres when working out. Most say it’s because of the fast tempo of the guitar and drums that gets them pumped. Some even say that it is because they can relate to what the song is talking about and it emotionally triggers something in them. I can also personally relate to that statement.

According to studies conducted in the University of New Mexico by Dr. Len Kravitz, music appears to provide a motivational construct to exercise, positively affecting the mental attitude of the person. So next time you are at the gym make sure to turn up that Metal and get buck with some Hip Hop. Happy lifting.

Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to when I go to the gym…

This Lana Del Rey cover is sure to get you amped with it’s heavy guitar riffs, screams, clean vocals, and best of all the emotion and meaning behind the song.

Former member of the Hip Hop group G-Unit, Young Buck is known for his southern style of rapping. This song has a steady and heavy beat that will sure make you hit those heavy weights.

This song by The Glitch Mob just sets the mood for some gnarly lifting. Just the beginning of this song makes me feel like I want to start a fight with someone. Hit those reps people, this song will help you do that.

This song will straight up make your feel like a monster getting ready to rip a city apart.

Remember. You ARE the man.